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Sounds cool to me...

but it got a bit of lack of skills.
The guitar thingy is in the beginning a bit robotised..
I would have wanted it more purer.
The violin thingy on the background had t change smoothly, not in those bigg steps.
You also could have changed the melody somewhere.

For the guitar I recommend this tutorial:
Please follow it, and your songs will be a lot better!

Please don't be angry because I gave you critism, I only want to help you.


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12spike22 responds:

not angry at all
Finally sombody who accually gives critizem instead of just voting down and not telling me anything. And i will check out that video.
i do know how to do alot more with guitars (accual strum patterns and making it sound more human...) i just got lazy...
i also see where ur coming from with the violin in the background.